Welcome to the 9 A.M. Talk Net

The 9 A.M. Talk Net meets on ham radio weekdays at 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time in the San Francisco Bay Area on the N6NFI/R (-145.230 MHz, 100Hz PL). We are not affiliated with any club, do not have a set topic, and especially encourage new hams to check-in and ask questions. This web site was designed to supplement the 9 A.M. Talk Net by providing additional information and resources to net participants. 25+ YEARS AND GOING STRONG! The 9 A.M. Talk Net started during the 1980's when Arv, WA6UUT (S/K), and friends met at 10:00 A.M. to help new hams. The tradition continues! Click on the Talk Net Basics link on the left to find out more about how the net works, net control operators (past and present) and our history.
Net Control Schedule (updated June 2013)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rob (KC6TYD)
Pink (K7ILA)
Steve (KG6EVZ)
Mikey (NE6RD)
Kristen (K6WX)

A non-binding referendum: Should the 9AM Talknet continue to have the Early/Regular dichotomy?

70% (14 votes)
20% (4 votes)
Really, who cares?
10% (2 votes)
Total votes: 20

Talk Net Participation

I usually check-in when I listen
55% (33 votes)
I usually listen, without checking-in
45% (27 votes)
Total votes: 60
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