CHP Non-Emergency Contact Telephone Numbers

Over the last couple of months I have monitored several conversations where someone is attempting to contact the CHP without using 911. I thought I would post the non-emergency contact information so people may enter these into the contact lists on their phones for future reference.

The California Highway Patrol dispatch center for the entire Bay Area is located in Vallejo, near Benicia State Park. The Golden Gate Communications Center may be contacted at: 707-551-4100
If the phone is ringing, stay on the line. A dispatcher will eventually answer. This number is answered 24/7/365, but the incoming 911 calls have priority.

This number would be for dispatching a CHP officer to all unincorporated areas of:
Alameda County
Contra Cost County
San Mateo County
Santa Clara County
San Francisco County
Marin County
Sonoma County
Napa County
Solano County
All toll bridges and freeways within this region regardless if within a city limit.

East of the west edge of the Davis city limits on I-80 (near SR-113) would become Sacramento dispatch center, all the way to Nevada on I-80, U.S.-50, and SR-88:

North of Sonoma and Napa Counties becomes Ukiah dispatch center.

South of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, contact Monterey dispatch center:

Statewide non-emergency traffic complaints (I.E.: frequent stop sign violations, frequent speeding cars on your street, neighbors with expired registration, etc.)
1-800-"tellchp" (800-835-5247)
This will be answered by Sacramento dispatch center. They will email your information to the nearest CHP office.

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